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Bringing the self ordering revolution to restaurants,

one kiosk at a time

Bigger Orders

Add-ons, upgrades and combos are automatically suggested by our kiosks, increasing average order size  by up to 30%

Enhanced Ordering Experience and Accuracy

Our easy-to-use menus translate to customers knowing exactly what they ordered, decreasing costly ordering mistakes 

Less wait

No more long lines at the cash register. Customers order and pay at the kiosk, relieving pressure at the counter, especially during restaurant peak hours.

Flexible, intuitive and insightful touch screen self-order kiosk solutions to simplify/speed up ordering, delivery, customer service and up-sells

Meet Selfit




Our platform is designed to let you manage absolutely any aspect of your kiosks be it a single or multiple location from your web browser in real time, as well as provide comprehensive reporting and analytics

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The New Digital Era:
Self Order Kiosk Technology

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