By using Tapit's kiosk solution the order amount per customer has increased thanks to effective upsells offered, customers don't wait in long lines and are truly enjoying the quick order experience

Ido, Head of operations

Pasta Basta restaurant chain

Who We Are

Team of internet “Geeks”, software developers, hospitality & retail experts bent on adding efficiency and memorable user experiences to consumer purchasing and help you increase your revenue and lower your costs.

What we do

We design and develop innovative software which brings your restaurant to the 21st century.  We will help you revolutionize the customer ordering experience,  engaging your consumers in new and intuitive ways adding convenience, and boosting your bottom line.

Our vision

Helping your business truly connect with your customers via a cutting-edge user experience second to none.  Shorter lines, faster orders, more responsive customer service, increased revenues and streamlined business processes, we're on a mission!

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Self-Service Kiosks

Flexible, intuitive and insightful touch screen self-order kiosk solutions to simplify/speed up ordering, delivery, customer service and boost your bottom line!


Our Remote Head Office System is designed to manage multiple kiosks in multiple stores remotely from any device (pc/laptop/tablet, smartphone) as well as generate rich reports and analytics

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The New Digital Era:
Self Order Kiosk Technology