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Our partners enjoy a totally streamlined, super quick new customer set up process taking on average 2 hours per customer from start (menu setup, presentation, flow, full UI customization, full review, and QA) to the first kiosk deployment.


We shine where all others come short... The scalability, details, and quality of our products. 

Our super stable kiosks have been running for our customers in the field since 2014, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our system is being continuously developed and improved by a dedicated team.
Field deployments for hundreds of different customers started years ago. Our experience says that our software doesn't fail, it's the hardware that may break.


A mature, all encompassing management system allowing to view, control and manage any operational aspect of the kiosks quickly and efficiently, remotely and in real time.


See, review and fully interact with the kiosk UI in your browser at any moment in time during the setup process, before or after deploying the first kiosk, or before deploying major changes to kiosks in the field. The UI is 100% identical to your deployed kiosks.


Completely hands off installation taking only up to 10 minutes per kiosk from start to finish for new, additional or replacement kiosks.

Kiosk installation does not require special technical abilities required to perform.


Totally automated remote software upkeep is included for all customers. all kiosks in the field will regularly receive stability and security updates and will run our latest and greatest software release which comes with is constantly evolving.


Our kiosks are black boxes, 100% remotely managed by our platform, a tech would never need to connect a keyboard or do any setup work locally.


Kiosk benefits:
- Super simple, easy to understand UI, Quick and efficient with no unnecessary delays or animations that      simply just cost time and do not benefit your business or your customers in an.


- Supporting multiple levels of the hierarchy if needed: country wide, regional partners, sub partners, end      customers, all from one, simple to navigate UI.


- Easily manage hundreds or thousands of kiosks centrally.


- No OS software license fee per kiosk.

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